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As one of the famous tourist destinations in Indonesia, even in the world, Bali is not only known for its natural beauty. Not a few have flown to this heavenly island to carry out the most memorable wedding ceremony. But of course, financial preparation is crucial in planning. If you want an underbudget but memorable reception, here’s how to save money by using a Bali villa wedding.

How to Save Costs During a Wedding Degree in Bali

Come Off Season

Bali is one of Indonesia’s tourist destinations that is never empty of visitors. Both from within and outside the country. Therefore, high season or holiday period will tend to be followed by transportation costs, necessities, etc. higher. That’s why choose low or off season, which usually will result in lower costs. In this case, you should consider coming in the rainy season or outside of vacation time.

Choose an Affordable Venue

If you visit Bali, you will be presented with various types of venues or various wedding locations. Ranging from simple to very luxurious though. Using a Bali villa wedding is the right choice. The reason is that you can reserve all locations for the event, along with accommodation and all amenities. These options come at a variety of prices, depending on the package chosen.

Elimination of Additional Needs

Regarding packages, many venues and villas offer several series of events and all the facilities. It should be underlined that you have to be more selective in choosing the package. Pay attention to additional costs or other needs that you feel are not needed. Remove or eliminate these aspects so that the final total cost does not increase. An example is a host who can be replaced by asking relatives for help.

Limit and use online invitations

One of the most recent ways to cut wedding costs is to reduce the number of guests invited. Basically a Bali Villa wedding will have a small quantity of guests. This can be a calculation capital, that you only need to invite the closest people. Like family, relatives, or close friends. You can even distribute invitations online, which will greatly reduce the cost of printing for each invitation.

Those are some things that can be considered when planning a wedding in Bali. In this case, the most important thing is to be smart in choosing the facilities and also the offers that are given. If it is not considered important, then you can discuss and agree with the owner. In addition, make good use of the facilities available. Like in Surga Wedding Villa, which is equipped with facilities to make the event more memorable.


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